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Edinburgh AI Startup Announces Integration with SHANARRI

Dominique Adams


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Paisley YMCA’s new partnership with Decision Point AI will utilise Artificial Intelligence to help the charity make better use of its resources. 

Edinburgh-based Decision Point AI has announced it will work with Paisley YMCA in Scotland, to support the secure digital standardisation of both the SHANARRI process and its data through a new application for its youth workers.

SHANARRI, a framework used by social services, is an acronym developed by the Scottish Government to describe well-being indicators to assist practitioners understand vulnerable children in the context of their wider world. These eight well-being indicators include; Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included.

Initially, the meta data provided will be used to produce indicators of potential risk and decide the attributes of what SHANARRI is. Without needing to know the individuals name or address or even date of birth, although that is helpful for calculating age range, the company’s AI will be able to use the data to calculate the risk status of that young person.


The AI will be able to sift through a number of risk attributes much more quickly than a human, which will enable the Paisley YMCA to better utilise its valuable and limited social work resources. In turn, this will help the organisation to gain greater value from the money it is already spending.

Once the first phase has been proven, the company will go back to other organisations to see if they will also share their data with them. Using big data from other social services such as education and police, the AI will be able to create a much fuller picture of the multiple influences on the experience of young people.

The partnership between the two will also provide young people in Renfrewshire with the opportunity to develop real work-related experience within the tech sector. Depending on when funding becomes available, the pair  would expect the application pilot to start in Q2 on 2020 with a full rollout dependant on youth worker feedback.

Paul Kiernan, Sales Director, Decision Point AI, said “we feel a responsibility to utilise AI technology to support the wellbeing of people in our society, to enable the effectiveness of the scant resources available to give access to possibilities for young people regardless on their current environment”.




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