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Aberdeen-based Startup EBar Secures £300k Funding

Ross Kelly


EBar Funding: Dispensing Technology Secures Investment

Aberdeen-based startup has received £300k in funding which will help them solve those pesky waiting times at bars.

Nothing spoils the excitement of that first drink after a busy week like a crowded bar and lengthy waiting time. Tired of waiting in a three deep stramash on a Friday night? Missed the opening song at a gig because of the wait? EBar Initiatives may have a solution for you.

The Aberdeen-based startup and 2017 Scottish EDGE winner has secured £300,000 in funding to help further develop its ‘dispensing technology’ to reduce the time that pub-goers spend waiting in queues. This innovative new tech has the potential to add a new level of convenience to your hospitality experience.

Funding is led by London-based Jenson Funding Partners SEIS and EIS Fund, who are also joined by Scottish investors such as Gabriel and Equity Gap.

Bars of the Future

Bars of the future may look very different to what we experience today. Through EBar’s dispensing technology, the firm hopes to revolutionise the process of ordering, dispensing and paying for your favourite beverages.

EBar claims that its technology can perfectly serve pints of beer or soft drinks up to three times faster than by traditional methods, serving two beverages in just 20 seconds. The funding secured by EBar will be used to further develop its product and build initial units. Additionally, it will look to integrate the dispenser product with payment technologies; streamlining the entire process of ordering drinks.

The EBar is not exclusive to bars and nightclubs, however. The product is fully portable and capable of being transported to other venues, such as music festivals or sporting events.

Tired of Waiting

The company was founded by Robert Gordon University graduates Sam Pettipher and Nick Beeson, who both grew frustrated at waiting in lengthy bar queues at large events. Beeson, who also acts as commercial director says this funding will allow the firm to further develop its production of the EBar unit and help solve the issue of inconvenient waiting times at venues.

He said: “We have already demonstrated that our technology works, and this funding injection provides us with capital to develop a production EBar unit. We look forward to launching it with our partner venue operators later this year.”

As part of the funding deal, Stuart Gilmore will join EBar Initiatives as Jenson’s investment director. Gilmore highlighted that seeking out and supporting innovative companies such as EBar can help unlock their potential.

He said: “Jenson seeks out and invests in the most innovative and disruptive companies. We look forward to working with the team to help them realise the tremendous potential of their technology.”

Ross Kelly

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