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E-commerce and Digital Tech Roles ‘On the Rise’ in 2021

David Paul


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Data collected by LinkedIn also show a boost in digital content and social media roles, as well as AI and data protection.

New research conducted by LinkedIn has suggested there will be employment growth across a variety of tech roles in 2021.

The LinkedIn ‘Emerging Jobs Report’, which analysed job roles that saw the highest year-on-year growth between April and October 2020, found that a number of digital and technical roles were among the most popular.

First, second and third spots in the top-15 emerging jobs in the UK were from artificial intelligence (AI) specialists, data protection officers and robotics engineers, respectively.

As well as this, data scientist roles took the seventh spot, whilst cybersecurity specialist came in tenth.

Data showed that, though 33% of professionals are currently employed in the IT services and computer software industries, the pharmaceutical industry has the highest year-on-year growth when it comes to hiring for these jobs (49%).

Commenting on the findings, Principal Economist Guy Berger said: “Using LinkedIn data, we’re able to identify not only these emerging jobs but also the skills uniquely associated with the roles, as well as insights about which industries and cities are hiring this emerging workforce.

“In our report, we see that artificial intelligence and tech roles are among the UK’s fastest-growing jobs. However, the top emerging jobs aren’t limited to the tech space.

“Roles such as User Researcher and Content Designer make the top 15, and industries, like HR and marketing, are also recruiting jobs on the list.”

AI saw a huge boost in 2020 with a total growth of 40%. Online retailers and social media firms made up the majority of hires. According to McKinsey research, AI has the potential to deliver a 22% boost to the UK economy by 2030.

However, e-commerce roles saw a 143% increase in hires, one of the fastest-growing last year, as people changed the way that they shopped during the pandemic.


In terms of the locations of where job roles are increasing, Edinburgh came in third, with London and Manchester taking the first and second spots respectively.

In September 2020, data analysed by Tech Nation for the Government’s Digital Economy Council showed that Edinburgh has 23% of its workforce in digital tech roles, whilst in Glasgow, 22% of the city’s workforce hold digital tech-related positions.

In 2019, more than 113,274 vacancies were advertised in digital tech positions across Scotland. Just under half of these were in Edinburgh and Glasgow, indicating the importance of these two cities to Scotland’s tech sector.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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