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Dundee Council IT Worker Jailed

Brian Baglow


Dundee IT Worker Jailed - Glasgow High Court

Former Dundee City Council IT officer Mark Conway stole more than £1M over the course of seven years.

The former IT officer was sentenced to five years and fours months in prison.

At his trial earlier in August Conway admitted to defrauding the council of £1,065085 between August 2009 and May 2016, after running up debts gambling online.

Prosecutor Rosemary Guinnane said that Conway had been the council’s top financial IT expert and had ‘unrestricted access’ to their computer systems. Conway exploited a loophole to send money to his own account instead of legitimate suppliers.

Judge Graeme Buchanan told Conway: “I accept it was your addiction to gambling that led to the commission of this crime. However that is no excuse for what you did”

To date only £7,337 of the money has been recovered. Conway has now signed over most of his pension, worth £258,966 to the council. His home, which has £49,000 in equity will also be sold, with money being passed to the local authority.

Conway’s defence counsel, Gavin Anderson, told the court:” Initially he tried to pay off his gambling debts by legitimate means and remortgage his home twice.

“His aim was always to pay back the money with his gambling winnings,  but that never happened.”

Anderson commented that Conway was: “ashamed and embarrassed by the whole matter.

“He has lost his career, his home, most of his pension and many of his friends. For some years Dundee City Council was unaware of what was happening.

“Each year Mr Conway expected the end-of-year audit would uncover what he was doing.”

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “We acknowledge the sentence that has been passed by the court today on a former employee of the local authority.

“Following the discovery of this crime, Dundee City Council has taken action to prevent a fraud of this type from happening again in the future.

“An independent review of procedures has already gone ahead and measures have been put in place to strengthen controls.”



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