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Calls for Holyrood Election Candidates to Support DMA Data Manifesto

Ross Kelly


DMA data manifesto

Scottish Parliament election candidates are being urged to take the #DemocratiseDataPledge.

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has called on candidates in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections to commit to a new pledge aimed at democratising data.

Ahead of the election on 6th May, candidates are being urged to take the #DemocratiseDataPledge and demonstrate their support for the DMA’s new Democratise Data Manifesto.

Launched this year, the manifesto outlines seven key objectives which the DMA says will support the data and marketing industry.

The manifesto also aims to promote sustainable growth in the digital economy and ensure stakeholders continue working toward a common goal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

DMA Managing Director, Rachel Aldighieri, said: “With the newly launched National AI Strategy for Scotland and the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) programme, the Scottish Government has taken important steps to secure Scotland’s future as a data and digital powerhouse.


“To build on this work and realise the full potential of these investments, Scotland needs structured action plans across both the public and private sectors that work towards common goals with key industry stakeholders.”

Democratising Data

The seven objectives outlined in the DMA’s manifesto were identified using insights from the Value of Data campaign’s recent Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent whitepaper, the Value of Data: The Worth of Ethics whitepaper, as well the DMA’s ongoing work with industry bodies in 35 nations.

Additional information on each objective can be found here.

  • Tackle the Reversing of Diversity
  • Increase employment in key talent pools
  • Neurodiversify the workforce
  • Identify and plug the skills gap
  • Demystify data and improve data literacy
  • Build on Scotland’s ethical use of data and AI
  • Boost international data trade

With just under four weeks until the elections, the manifesto asks prospective candidates to take the #DemocratiseDataPledge and work towards achieving these objectives if they are elected.

The DMA confirmed candidates can publicise their endorsement with the hashtag #DemocratiseDataPledge via social media and support a united campaign across the data and marketing industry.

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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