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Digital Transformation: is Your Company Ready for the Future?

Brian Baglow


Digital Transformation 2018

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As digital technology grows more ubiquitous, and increasingly permeates every aspect of modern businesses, companies have been forced to the realisation that digital transformation is a critical part of their future.

From data-driven decision making and the actionable use of analytics, to operations, marketing, communications and customer engagement: new tools and techniques are fundamentally redefining the way every company operates.

And this is only the beginning of the digital journey – emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT and Machine Learning are stepping to the fore, whilst social media grows increasingly powerful in brand perception and market penetration. The entire business landscape is shifting below our feet and organisations that fail to evolve will lose out to competitors that harness new technology effectively.

Digital Transformation 2018

Created by DIGIT, Scotland’s leading Business Technology Forum, Digital Transformation 2018 will explore the business impact of digital technology right across an organisation. The programme is geared towards senior technologists and digital leaders, and aims to provide a forum for knowledge exchange, discussion and collaboration.

Now in its third year, the Digital Transformation Summit has become the largest event of its kind in the country. The conference is supported by ScotlandIS and free to attend for delegates working within the industry.

The core themes of the 2018 event will include:

  • IT & Digital Landscape: Key Business and Consumer Trends
  • Communication: Marketing, CRM, Social Media
  • Disruptive technologies: Blockchain, Chatbots, IoT, AI, Voice
  • Data: Analytics, Insight, Decision Making
  • People: Collaboration, Leadership, Empowerment
  • Strategy: Culture, Process, Organisational Change

Ray Bugg, Founder of DIGITRay Bugg, the founder and Managing Director of DIGIT, said: “The impact of digital technology on business is vast, and never before has technology been so critical in defining success or failure. Every business has to understand digital and be able to use these new technologies to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace.

“The idea that digital strategy, or digital technologies can simply be ‘bolted on’ to existing business models and structures, simply isn’t viable. Digital principles need to be imbedded throughout the business, with technology underpinned by an embracive culture and driven with effective leadership.

“Digital Transformation 2018 will bring together pioneers and thought leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies. It will explore the ways in which technology is fundamentally changing the way we do business and promises to be a fascinating and very valuable event.

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There were almost 100 bookings in the first 24 hours since registration opened. We advise anyone wishing to attend to register now to avoid disappointment.

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