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DIGIT Weekly News Roundup: September 16th 2017

Brian Baglow


DIGIT weekly news roundup

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  • Chrome will no longer autoplay content with sound thanks to someone at Google with their head screwed on (or a set of speakers on their desk…)
  • It may no longer have any usable ports, Apple may be determined to lose every last shred of goodwill from developers and they may demand the purchase of pricey dongles, adaptors and cables, but Mac laptops are still mighty fine (comparatively anyway. Windows users: as you were…) See what High Sierra can do!
  • Though while we’re at it, even if this rumour about disabling FaceID is true, we’re still not sure we trust it…
  • Fare ye well, Cassini. The little probe who could. And did
  • Oh wait, that FaceID thing? Yeah, there might be a problem with that…
  • IBM scientists used a seven-qubit quantum processor to successfully simulate a beryllium-hydride molecule. Still believe we’re not living in a simulation…?
  • Are US-diplomats being targeted by an unknown sonic weapon in Cuba?
  • Renault-Nissan and Mitsubishi are joining forces to produce electric and hybrid cars to become a global leader in ride hailing

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