DIGIT Tech News Roundup – 8th of March 2019

DIGIT Tech News Roundup

In this edition of the DIGIT Weekly Roundup, we highlight some of the top-trending tech and business news stories permeating the airwaves in the week beginning 4th of March.

DIGIT’s Top Trending Stories

Scottish Stock Exchange: We’re Not Building this for Pornographers or Gaming Companies

Tomas Carruthers, Project HeatherScotland is set to become home to the first stock exchange in the world to require joining companies to prove they are having a positive social impact on a global scale and in their local communities.

Project Heather, already two years in the making, is a project run by a group of like-minded financial professionals who hope to re-establish and renew the Scottish stock exchange in the second half of 2019.

Tomas Carruthers, CEO and founder of Project Heather, said: “The project is strongly informed by my vision of a capital market that serves society, that can be trusted to serve all stakeholders – a market which social entrepreneurs can use, charities can use, local authorities can use and find investors who are aligned with their mission.

“There has been a sea change since 2008 in the attention being paid by investors to what are called environmental, social and governance considerations, and it is no longer contentious to assert in 2019 the boards and management teams who score highly by these measures are recognised as creating more value for shareholders.

“We want to go even further and, in doing that successfully, the new Scottish stock exchange can and will become a global leader.”

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Boards at UK’s Biggest Companies “Must do More” to be Cyber AwareUK Companies Cyber Aware

Boards at some of UK’s largest companies still do not fully understand the damage that cyber attacks can cause, according to a new government report.

The UK Government’s Cyber Governance Health Check assesses the cybersecurity practices of some of the UK’s top firms, and found that less than one-fifth (16%) of boards have a “comprehensive understanding” of the impact that cyber attacks could have on their business.

Boards do not completely understand the threat landscape despite the fact that almost all (96%) of the companies surveyed say they have a cybersecurity strategy in place.

The report also founded that, although 95% of businesses have a cybersecurity incident response plan, only 57% test them on a regular basis.

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Mark Zuckerberg Outlines Privacy-focused Vision for Facebook

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has outlined the company’s vision to become a “privacy-focused platform” following a tumultuous 18-months for the social network.

In a blog post, the company founder said he believes that secure private messaging platforms will continue to grow in popularity; eventually outperforming open platforms. Facebook currently operates its own integrated Messenger platform, as well as messaging platform, WhatsApp, which it purchased in 2014 for around $19 billion.

The social media giant has been subject to intense scrutiny over the last 18-months following a series of damaging privacy scandals. The Cambridge Analytica scandal prompted a number of high-profile grillings by the US Government and European Commission.

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In Case You Missed It…

Use of Drones to Smuggle Contraband into Scottish Prisons “Spiralling Out of Control”

The stark problem of flying drones delivering contraband into prisons has been highlighted after a Freedom of Information Request revealed HMP Perth is one of the most targeted jails in Scotland.

As many as 24 incidents involving drones smuggling contraband into prisons have been recorded across Scotland in the past three years.

There have been six incidents at HMP Perth alone, for example, involving the seizure of mobile phones and drugs and mobile phones.

Prison staff union reps said the situation is “spiralling out of control”, and that more resources are required in order to tackle the matter or, sooner or later, drones will be dropping weapons into prison yards.

The Scottish prison authority, however, said it remains vigilant, and that the high figures reported show they are successfully intercepting the drones.

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Trilogy of Glaswegian Plays Explore Future Relationships Between Humans and AI

artificial intelligence

A “chilling” trilogy of plays that delve into our relationships with technology will premiere in Glasgow this month.

Each play will be set in 2040 and will examine the human need for connection and intimacy, and explore how our relationships with each other – and with AI – is evolving.

The series, titled Interference, will be directed by the National Theatre of Scotland’s associate director, Cora Bissett, and performed in CityPark, a large office block on Alexandra Parade. Maureen Beattie will star in all three plays – as a woman dependent on an AI care worker; as a scientist waiting to see her daughter in a virtual reality world; and as ‘Big Brother’ character where a couple has difficulty conceiving a child.

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Ultrasound Can be Hacked in Two Clicks

Researchers from security firm Check Point have demonstrated how easy it is for an ultrasound to be hacked into to manipulate and download files, and install ransomware.

The researchers, who had worked with a hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, to investigate the issue, showed off the hack this week at RSA Conference 2019 in the US.

Oded Vanunu, head of vulnerability products research, Check Point, said: “We approached the biggest hospital in Israel, which is considered very advanced in terms of medical technology.

“Hospitals tend to have flat networks because they don’t have the budget for IT. So once we plugged into that, it was trivial to locate an ultrasound machine that was connected to it. These IoT devices are all just proxies on the network. And once we found it, it only took two clicks to exploit it and be able to create chaos.”

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