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DIGIT Tech News Roundup – 30th of August 2019

Duncan MacRae


weekly news roundup

In this edition of the DIGIT Weekly Roundup, we highlight some of the top-trending tech and business news stories permeating the airwaves in the week beginning 26th of August.

DIGIT’s Top Trending Stories

Scottish Government Pledges Funding for World’s Most Powerful Tidal Turbine

The Scottish Government has awarded £3.4 million in funding to help build the world’s most powerful floating tidal turbine. Engineering company Orbital Marine Power will use the funding boost to develop a “next-generation” tidal turbine capable of powering more than 1,700 homes each year.

The Kirkwall-based firm is the first recipient of Holyrood’s £10 million Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund, which aims to support the development of tidal energy across Scotland.

At 72 metres long, the O2 Floating Tidal Energy Turbine is capable of generating more than 2MW (megawatts) from tidal stream resources, with its rotors capable of turning 360 degrees to allow power to be extracted from both tidal directions.

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Thousands of Glasgow Schoolchildren to Receive Free iPads

Nearly 50,000 primary and secondary school pupils in Glasgow are set to receive free iPads as part of the “biggest Apple education initiative in Europe”.

The £300 million IT project between Glasgow City Council and CGI will benefit 70,000 children and young people in schools and nurseries throughout the city.

The rollout includes 47,100 student iPads as well as an additional 4,900 devices for teachers. The project hopes to free up time for teachers and boost their control of the learning process.

Pupils from P6 through to S6 will be given their own device to keep while iPads will be made available for children in nurseries and pupils ranging between P1 to P5. By 2021 the council hopes to give every Glasgow primary and secondary teacher – and their pupils – access to the equipment, which includes a core suite of best-in-class education apps.

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Remote Scottish Islands Receive Superfast Broadband Boost

Two of the most westerly island communities in the UK are now among the best-connected following the introduction of new full-fibre broadband networks.

Grimsay, a small island joined to North Uist and Benbecula by a causeway, as well as Bernera off the north-west coast of Lewis, now have access to high-speed full-fibre networks.

The networks have been built by engineers from Openreach through the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband project, led in the area by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Built using 90 kilometres of fibre cables, the new broadband network is capable of carrying services at 1Gbps, which is around 18.5 times faster than the UK’s current average of 54Mbps.

Both communities are now part of a select few that can boast full-fibre broadband in the UK, with only 7% of households across the country having access to high-speed connections.

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In Case You Missed It…

Astronaut Accused of Committing Cybercrime in Space

A NASA astronaut is being investigated for allegedly becoming the first person to commit a crime in outer space.

U.S. Army Astronaut Lt. Col. Anne McClain is said to have accessed a bank account belonging to Summer Worden, her estranged wife, while working at the International Space Station.

Worden has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in relation to what she alleges is identity theft. A subsequent complaint has been filed with NASA’s Office of Inspector General by Worden’s parents.

McClain and Worden, who separated in 2018, are in dispute over the custody of their six-year-old son. McClain allegedly told NASA investigators that she accessed her ex-wife’s bank account to check that she had enough money to adequately provide for their child.

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French Police Break Up Pirate Computer Network

A team of French police dubbed “cybergendarmes” says it has wiped out a virus that infected more than 850,000 computers around the world.

The botnet was controlled from France and is believed to have earned criminals millions of euros through fraud.

The French team said it located and destroyed the pirate server in the Paris region following a tip-off. They were then able to disinfect the affected computers.

The virus had been sent out via emails offering easy money or erotic pictures, as well as through infected USB drives.

From 2016 onward, hackers were then able to use the virus to control the computers remotely, to create the cryptocurrency Monero, extort money through ransomware and even steal data from hospitals in Israel, as well as Israeli patients.

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Heathrow Airport says Drone Protest is ‘Criminal and Counterproductive’

Climate change protesters’ plans to disrupt flights with drones are “criminal and counterproductive”, Heathrow Airport officials have warned.

Extinction Rebellion offshoot Heathrow Pause intends to operate drones in the airport’s no-fly zone, grounding flights on September 13.

“A couple of hundred people” are expected to be involved, according to organisers, and the Met Police said it would “do everything in its power to stop and prevent any such criminal activity”.

A Heathrow spokeswoman said the airport’s management “agree with the need to act on climate change.

She added: “This is a global issue that requires constructive engagement and action. Committing criminal offences and disrupting passengers is counter-productive.”

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