DIGIT Tech News Roundup – 26th of April 2019

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In this edition of the DIGIT Weekly Roundup, we highlight some of the top-trending tech and business news stories permeating the airwaves in the week beginning 22nd of April.

DIGIT’s Top Trending Stories

University of Glasgow Unveils Plans for Hi-Tech Govan Campus

Urban Big Data CentreThe University of Glasgow plans to build a high-tech campus in Govan with the goal of transforming the area into a centre of excellence for nanotechnology and precision medicine.

The university has committed £28 million to the project, and an additional £27.5m will come from the Glasgow City region deal. It is hoped that building can get underway within the next two years. The university is bidding for a further £63m in funding for the project.

A disused car park at the southern end of the Clyde tunnel, near the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is being considered as a site for the new campus.

The campus will be comprised of two main parts – an enhanced James Watt Nanofabrication Centre that will focus on industries like nanofabrication and photonics and a Precision Medicine Living Lab. This will flow into the existing innovation zone at the QEUH.

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NCSC: Countries Must Work Together in Cyber Security ‘Team Sport’

International communities must work together in order to combat cybercrime and cyber warfare, according to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Commenting on current global security threats during CYBERUK, the UK Government’s flagship cyber security event this week, the agency’s CEO, Ciaran Martin, described cyber security as an “international team sport”.

CYBERUK, hosted by the NCSC, took place at Glasgow’s Scottish Exhibition Centre on April 24th and 25th.

Martin said: “Cyber attacks do not respect international boundaries, and many of the threats and vulnerabilities we face are shared around the globe.

“Each nation has sovereignty to defend itself as it sees best fit, but it’s vital that we work closely with our allies to make the world as safe as possible.”

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Skills Development Scotland Smashes Cyber Learning Targets

students working with computersMore than 27,000 school pupils and teachers have benefited from Skills Development Scotland’s (SDS) Discover Cyber education programme in the past two years.

The national skills agency believes that the figures prove that the demand for digital skills in schools is at an all-time high.

SDS chose Cyber Security Week to announce the figures, at the same time as unveiling a revamp of its Digital World website, designed to boost the numbers trained in tech skills, such as online protection, data science and coding.

Discover Cyber launched in 2016, with a target of reaching 4,000 pupils and teachers in the space of four years.

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Microsoft Valued at $1 Trillion

Microsoft’s stock market value has topped $1 trillion (£774 billion) following better-than-expected sales and profits.

The software firm exceeded the trillion dollar mark on Thursday, although its share price has since dropped slightly.

It is one of just three American companies to have ever been valued in excess of $1 trillion, along with Amazon and Apple.

Although it appears to be a significant milestone, Microsoft does not seem to be too bothered about it.

Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, said: “This is a metric that nobody on the senior leadership team is tracking. Nobody is sitting around high-fiving when the stock hits some new high.”

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Apple Recalls Plugs in UK

Apple plugsApple has asked customers to stop using certain plug adaptors as they are thought to pose an electric shock hazard.

The company is recalling its AC wall plug adaptor shipped with Macs and some iOS devices between 2003 and 2010, and a three-pronged plug included in the World Travel Adaptor kit.

The suspect plugs were shipped in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, and six incidents of electric shock have since been reported.

A spokesperson for the company said: “In very rare cases, affected Apple three-prong wall plug adaptors designed primarily for use in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong may break and create a risk of electrical shock if exposed metal parts are touched.”

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Scooters Hacked to Swear at Riders

Lime scooters in Brisbane, Australia, have been swearing at riders and propositioning them with sexual comments, after being hacked.

At least eight scooters involved with the tomfoolery having had files swapped in the cyber-attack.

A spokesperson for Lime said the hack was the work of “vandals”.

They added: “It’s not smart. It’s not funny and is akin to changing a ringtone. It’s disappointing that someone has taken this opportunity to poke fun at members of the community in a hurtful way.”

Lime said it was working to return the scooters back to their normal state.

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