DIGIT Tech News Roundup – 24th of May 2019

Tech News Roundup September

In this edition of the DIGIT Weekly Roundup, we highlight some of the top-trending tech and business news stories permeating the airwaves in the week beginning 20th of May.

DIGIT’s Top Trending Stories

LendingCrowd Partners with Scottish Investment Bank to Fund SME Growth

LendingCrowd Scottish Investment BankScottish fintech lending platform, LendingCrowd, is teaming up with the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) and Dutch entrepreneurial bank NIBC.

The partnership will create a unique funding deal to help accelerate small and medium-sized businesses, with both banks agreeing to lend a combined total of £18.75 million across LendingCrowd’s platform.

This marks the second lending deal that the Edinburgh-based fintech has secured with SIB, following a £2.75 million commitment made in October 2016.

Funding will be made available as business loans to SMEs across the country, with LendingCrowd marketing the funds primarily to British businesses, assessing applications and distributing the finance through its platform.

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EE Launches 5G Service in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Royal MileTelecoms provider EE has announced the launch of its 5G services in Edinburgh, which will include new 5G plans, a range of six 5G-enabled smartphones and devices.

The network will go live in Edinburgh on Thursday the 30th of May. Ahead of the official launch, consumers and businesses across the capital can pre-order new devices, including smartphones produced by Samsung, OnePlus, LG and Oppo.

EE also announced the launch of its 5GEE WiFi and 5GEE home broadband packages, with details on pricing and availability set to be announced in early June.

The new 5G Smart plans will give customers access to the UK’s first 5G network, BT Sport HD HDR and an exclusive Gamer’s Data Pass with zero-rated data. Customers will also have the chance to upgrade anytime and receive a device warranty for the duration of their contract, the company said.

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Court Case Challenging Police Use of Facial Recognition Begins

biometric facial scanA landmark case against police use of automatic facial recognition tech got underway in Cardiff this week, with the pursuer saying it breaches human rights.

This case is the first major challenge against the use of automatic facial recognition (AFR) by police, with pursuer Ed Bridges, a former Lib Dem councillor, saying that poor regulation of the technology breaches human rights.

Bridges was Christmas shopping in Cardiff when his image was taken by AFR cameras operated by South Wales Police in December 2017.

The police have defended their use of AFR, but have not publicly commented on the case brought against them. The outcome of this trial could potentially impact future regulation and use of the technology.

Speaking to BBC News, Bridges said: “I popped out of the office to do a bit of Christmas shopping and on the main pedestrian shopping street in Cardiff, there was a police van.

“By the time I was close enough to see the words ‘automatic facial recognition’ on the van, I had already had my data captured by it. That struck me as quite a fundamental invasion of my privacy.”

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In Case You Missed It…

Laptop Riddled With Malware Auctioned for More Than $1m

A Samsung laptop that has been deliberately infected with six notorious strains of malware, including ILoveYou and WannaCry, is being auctioned in the US as an art project.

At time of writing, the highest bid for the machine was $1,275,000 (£1,007,409)

The auction states that the 11-year-old laptop must only be purchased “as a piece of art or for academic reasons”. Its internet connectivity will be disabled before it is shipped to the auction winner, and it has been air-gapped – a security measure to isolate it from other networks. It is illegal in the US to sell malware for the purpose of causing damage.

The other four strains of malware on the laptop are MyDoom, SoBig, DarkTequila and

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Ford Experiments With Digit, the Delivery Robot

Digit - Agility RoboticsAutomobile manufacturer Ford has begun testing its new package-carrying robot.

The robot has been designed to carry deliveries from its self-driving cars to customers’ doorsteps.

Ford is already piloting deliveries with self-driving cars inspired by the popularity of online shopping, but said it has sometimes been inconvenient for customers to leave their homes to take delivery from a self-driving car.

The robot, created in partnership with Agility Robotics, in Oregon, USA, can carry packages weighing up to 40 pounds.

The robot, named Digit, is said to be capable of climbing steps, walking on uneven terrain or staying balanced even if it is bumped.

Ford has not revealed if it plans to run a delivery service or if it intends to make deliveries for partners.

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Qualcomm Guilty of Exploiting Chip Monopoly to “Strangle Competition”

A US federal judge in California has ruled that Qualcomm abused its monopoly on chip patents for decades.

Qualcomm chips are a vital component in today’s mobile phones. But Judge Lucy Koh said the American multinational semiconductor and telecoms equipment firm had violated antitrust laws and “strangled competition” by insisting that companies licence its patents at unreasonable prices before being allowed to buy its chips.

Koh issued a permanent injunction that forces Qualcomm to sell its chips to companies without requiring them to licence its patents. She also ruled that the company must be monitored by federal regulators for seven years.

Qualcomm said it will appeal the decision and is seeking an immediate stay on the injunction.

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