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DIGIT Tech News Roundup – 1st of March 2019

Ross Kelly


Tech News

This week’s DIGIT news roundup features stories on emotionally traumatised Facebook moderators and computer servers that are out of this world…

DIGIT’s Top Trending Stories…

Google Scientist Lined up to Speak at Data Summit.

Cassie Kozyrkov, chief decision scientist at Google, has been announced as a speaker at Scotland’s Data Summit.

The two-day international conference will take place at Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms on March 21st and 22nd.

Data Summit forms part of The Data Lab’s innovation festival, DataFest19.

In her role at Google Cloud, Kozyrkob advises teams on decision processes, AI strategy and building data-driven organisations.

She will be joined at Data Summit by Oxford University Economist, Dr Daniel Susskind, as well as Forbes Technology Council member Sally Eaves.

Want to find out more? Read the original article here.

Facebook’s “Clear History” Feature is Coming this Year

Facebook plans to release its long-awaited “clear history” feature later this year following months of speculation and delays.

The new feature, first announced amid last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, will allow users to delete any data on websites and ads that have been clicked on while logged into the social media platform.

This is expected to function in a similar fashion to traditional browser history clearing, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last year.

Testing of the feature will commence at some point during spring, according to Buzzfeed News.

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Edinburgh Airport Digital App Boosts Passenger Accessibility

Edinburgh Airport has revealed plans to introduce a mobile ordering service for passengers with reduced mobility.

The FetchyFox platform will allow passengers at Scotland’s busiest airport to order food and beverages from various eateries in the departure lounge and have it delivered to them.

Initially, the platform will be trialled with Barburrito and The Gathering Deli, however, the service could be expanded to other venues in the future.

The introduction of the platform aligns with the airport’s strategy to adopt technology that helps improve services and efficiency for passengers. Edinburgh Airport also uses the Welcome app, developed by Edinburgh-based startup Neatebox to help passengers with disabilities navigate the airport.

In Case You Missed It…

Computer Servers ‘Stranded’ in Space

A pair of computers servers sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in August 2017 have still not returned to earth despite being scheduled to return three months ago.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers were sent into orbit as part of an experiment to assess their durability, and after 530 days in orbit they are still fully functioning.

Originally scheduled to return in October 2018, the servers’ re-entry was postponed following a Russian rocket failure.

HPE Senior Content Architect, Adrian Kasbergen, said there is a chance they will return later this year if there is space available on a re-entry mission, however, “right now they haven’t got a ticket.”

Hewlett Packard is working closely with NASA to be “computer-ready” for the agency’s first manned mission to Mars, which is expected to take place in 2030.

Want to read more? Find the original story on the BBC News website.

The Secret Lives of Facebook Moderators in America

A harrowing account of being a moderator for Facebook was published this week by The Verge.

Interviews with content moderators highlighted the volume of violent and disturbing content being uploaded to the social media platform, as well as the emotional and psychological toll the work has on moderators.

Former moderators told the publication that they have been left traumatised and suffering from serious mental health issues because of videos depicting murder, animal abuse and child abuse.

Some said they coped with the role by taking drugs during lunch breaks and that some had even been caught having sex in stairwells at the offices.

Another claimed that the secrecy clauses enforced by the firm helped forge closer ties between the employees.

“If you’re not allowed to talk to your friends or family about your job, that’s going to create some distance. You might feel closer to these people. It feels like an emotional connection when in reality you’re just trauma bonding.”

Read more at The Verge.

LinkedIn Spread “Incorrect and Damaging” Information about Users to Their Contacts

LinkedIn, a highly-popular social networking platform for professionals, sent out incorrect and damaging information about users to their contacts, according to complaints founded in a report by Ireland’s data regulator.

The platform added a new feature called ‘Mentioned in the News’ which emailed alerts to people’s connections if their name was mentioned in media posts. However, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) claims that the tool linked users to the wrong people if they shared the same name.

The regulator said that LinkedIn had failed to resolve complaints made by two users. One complainant said that they were mentioned in a news article about an individual with the same name, detailing information about their private life and career.

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