DIGIT Tech News Roundup – 11th of January 2019

DIGIT Tech News Roundup

In this edition of the DIGIT Weekly Roundup, we highlight some of the top-trending tech and business news stories permeating the airwaves in the week beginning 7th of January.

DIGIT’s Top Trending Stories

RBS Acquires 25% Stake in Fintech Startup

Royal Bank of Scotland has bought a 25% stake in London-based fintech startup Loot as it continues to develop its digital banking services.

Following an initial investment of £3 million made in July 2018, the bank has invested an additional £2 million.

Loot aims to help students and young people manage their finances; providing customers with detailed spending insights and a pre-paid debit card.

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NHS websiteNHS Digital CISO Resigns After Three Months

The first CISO for NHS Digital, Robert Coles, has resigned after just three months in the position.

A memo circulated by NHS Digital’s deputy CEO, Rob Shaw, reportedly claims Coles’ departure was due to personal reasons.

Shaw also told staff that the search for a replacement CISO would begin immediately.

Coles joined NHS Digital in October 2018, having previously worked at GlaxoSmithKline in the same role. Coles also held similar roles at the National Grid and Merrill Lynch and will return to working as a cybersecurity consultant, the memo claimed.

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Edinburgh Councillors Support Proposals for Fleet of Electric Taxis

Councillors have backed proposals to incentivise Edinburgh’s taxi firms to switch over to electric vehicles (EVs) with perks such as lower licensing fees.

The City of Edinburgh Council’s regulatory committee will meet this May to discuss additional incentives to improve the adoption of EVs – such as the roll out of electric-only taxi ranks in top locations and introducing saloon hackney carriage licences for EVs.

City Cabs and Capital Cabs have both endorsed embracing the green technology. City Cabs, Edinburgh’s largest and oldest taxi company, has already added five EVs to their 450-strong fleet of cabs and has plans to add an additional five.

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In Case You Missed It…

Big Data Will Usher in the Antichrist, Warns Head of Russian Orthodox Church

Modern technology, including smartphones and other smart devices, are bringing about the coming of the Antichrist, the Russian Orthodox Church leader has foretold.

Speaking on Russian state TV, Patriarch Kirill said everyone should be wary of the “worldwide web of gadgets” because it represented “an opportunity to gain global control over mankind”.

He said: “The Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the worldwide web, controlling all of humankind.”

He added: “Do you imagine what power will be concentrated in the hands of those who gain knowledge about what is going on in the world? Such control from one place forebodes the coming of the Antichrist.”

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US Government Shutdown Leaves Websites Insecure

The current US Government shutdown has left leaving dozens of official websites vulnerable to attack or inaccessible.

The Government has shutdown due to a funding dispute for President Trump’s Mexican wall, leaving 400,000 federal employees without pay.

This has led to security certificates for websites are not being renewed. Impacted websites include the US Department of Justice, the Court of Appeals and NASA.

More than 80 security certificates used by .gov websites are thought to have expired.

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UK EU Data Protection partnershipEU Firms Urged to Collaborate on Fintech Network

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) – the European Banking Authority, the European Securities and Markets Authority and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority – believes busines growth is being stifled by a lack of cooperation.

Innovation facilitators have been working on a national level, it noted, adding: “This is one factor that has the potential to impede the scaling up of financial innovations across the EU.”

The ESAs recommended the introduction of “an EU network of innovation facilitators” to address the problem. Participation in the network would be “open to all competent authorities in the EU”, they said.

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