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Inaugural DIGIT Expo Showcases Scotland’s Vibrant Tech Ecosystem

Dominique Adams


Kate Forbes talks to DIGIT Expo attendees

DIGIT has hosted the first ever DIGIT Expo, Scotland’s largest tech and digital event, at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Technologists, digital leaders, academics, innovators and public sector workers from across the business and technology sectors gathered yesterday at the Scottish capital’s prestigious Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

With more than 1,800 attendees, DIGIT’s event was a resounding success. The day was comprised of talks, breakouts and panel discussions, with opportunities for delegates to put their questions to the event’s expert speakers and to network.

Topics covered included cloud computing, cybersecurity, data, DevOps, digital skills, connectivity and the potential impact of Brexit. Complementing these topics were a series of panel discussions exploring the future of technology.

The overarching theme of the day was collaboration and the need for Scotland’s tech community to link up to make the most of its digital resources to ensure Scotland’s place as a leading digital innovator on the global stage.

Supporting Scotland’s Tech Scene

During the opening speech delivered by Kate Forbes, Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy, she spoke of the challenges that lie ahead for Scotland’s digital ecosystem, and looked at how they can be tackled with the backing of government policy.

With Brexit on the horizon, Forbes highlighted the urgent need for Scotland to attract and retain the best tech talent, as there is a real risk that the foreign supply of digital skills and expertise could be severely constricted in the future.

Forbes said that by having a longer-term vision and working to improve tech education, the Scottish Government can help to ensure a wider pipeline of digital skills to feed Scotland’s tech sector – hopefully curbing the digital skills deficit.

There was clear positivity and optimism about Scotland’s future, and speakers and delegates asserted that large-scale events such as DIGIT Expo would become increasingly important to the tech ecosystem in a post-Brexit economy, regardless of the deal.

Scotland’s Largest IT and Digital Show

Conferences such as DIGIT Expo can help to cultivate both a diverse and resilient tech ecosystem in Scotland. By hosting it in the country’s capital city, digital practitioners and technologists no longer have to seek such a platform outside of Scotland to grow their network and learn new skills.

Furthermore, the event helped to highlight what Scotland has to offer in terms of talent and innovation.

Forbes said: “This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase all that is already great about Scotland’s vibrant technology ecosystem, and also to explore further opportunities for collaboration that can benefit people in Scotland – both in terms of continuing to grow in a globally competitive economy and in having a positive impact on all of our everyday lives.”

DIGIT Expo chair and Tech Evangelist, Theo Priestley, said: “An event like DIGIT Expo is long overdue and should go some way to helping companies showcase what Scotland has to offer as a hub for innovation, technology, and investment.”

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