Dell Resets User Passwords After Potential Breach


Hackers accessed an undisclosed number of customers’ names, email addresses and hashed passwords.

Dell has suffered a potential breach, with suspicious activity detected on its network in early November.

The computer tech firm said it “detected and disrupted” hackers who were attempting to access customer data from its e-commerce platform.

An undisclosed number of customers’ names, email addresses and hashed passwords were accessed.

A Dell statement read: “Though it is possible some of this information was removed from Dell’s network, our investigations found no conclusive evidence that any was extracted.

“Additionally, Dell cybersecurity measures are in place to limit the impact of any potential exposure. These include the hashing of our customers’ passwords and a mandatory password reset. Credit card and other sensitive customer information was not targeted. The incident did not impact any Dell products or services.”

The company said it immediately implemented countermeasures and initiated an investigation as soon as it noticed the breach on 9th November. Dell reset customers’ passwords five days later.

Sumit Agarwal, Shape Security co-founder, said: “It’s highly likely that criminals will be able to discover at least some of the stolen passwords, unless Dell had in place, particularly sophisticated hashing techniques.

“Historically, this has not been the case for many companies who were similarly breached, which is why more than 10 million username/password pairs per day were stolen, on average, throughout 2017.”

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