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Day 2: Monday – Silicon Valley WeAreTheFuture programme

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Russell Dalgleish reports in from San Francisco on Day 2 of the SVA tour of Silicon Valley organised by WeAreTheFuture

Crisp, bright morning in San Francisco as we jump into our waiting Uber to head for our 8.30am morning meeting with Pivotal Labs. Having expected a sandwich and coffee we were taken back by selection of eats that any world class hotel would be proud off – but we tucked in.

Pivital Labs, an EMC company has built their success on a unique culture including elements such as

• Developers working in pairs
• Clients working on site with developers at Pivotal labs offices
• Developing with not for clients

We not only had the opportunity to participate in their 9.06am stand up company meeting but also to join in a thought proving hour long discussion on the subject of opportunities technology lead disruption provides to all nimble companies. A true masterclass with all our party contributing.

Next we walked across town to meet with WSGR the Valley’s leading law firm. With a client list of who’s who in Silicon Valley including Google, Tesla, Netflix, Linkedin and Salesforce this was an opportunity to hear about market trends and that local investors are increasingly focusing their attention on international opportunities.

I grabbed the van, boarded the team and headed down to Redwood to meet with an old friend Mike Masnick of TechDirt. Mike has been a tremendous supporter of WeAreTheFuture and is simply the most knowledgeable man I know on the subject of “Silicon Valley”. A true privilege to spend an hour in his company and debate the issues of the day – “Fake News”, “Security” and “whats next for the valley”.

Finally back to San Francisco to meet with Nasdaq at their entrepreneurial centre. Quick point on travelling in this area, avoid rush hour or a simply 30 minute journey could become two hours! We arrived on time, just. Nasdaq has heavily invested in their base in Silicon valley and are contributing to the nurturing and encouragement of Tech Startups through their accelerate programme.

With evening fast approaching we took the opportunity to head out across the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the incredible views. A super day, orchestrated by Joanna of WeAreTheFuture who we are all most grateful to.

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