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Cybersecurity Startup PolyDigi Tech to Create 16 Jobs in Edinburgh

David Paul


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The company, which has roots in Honk Kong, is set to commercialise its products in Edinburgh after securing funding from Scottish Enterprise.

PolyDigi Tech, a fintech company specialising in cybersecurity, plans to establish a tech hub in Edinburgh with up to 16 staff after it received a £200,000 Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) award from Scottish Enterprise.

The company focuses on cyber security, with an emphasis on ensuring authentication and authorisation of access to networks. The move to Edinburgh is expected to help to expand and grow the business, as well as support the development of new products. The Scottish fintech sector is experience strong growth with more than 100 SME’s operating around the country, around a 60% increase.

The Scottish Government’s Digital Economy Minister, Kate Forbes, said: “The Scottish Government is doing everything possible to help Scotland realise its full potential in an increasingly digital world. That means investing in digital skills, infrastructure and technology.

“Cyber Security will play an increasingly vital role in years to come and so the Scottish Government, through Scottish Enterprise, recognises the importance of supporting companies like PolyDigi Tech to enhance Scotland’s expertise in that area – creating jobs and training opportunities in the process.”


The Scottish fintech cluster was recently recognised by Europe, the first in the UK to receive an accreditation as a cluster of excellence.

Stephen Ingledew, chief executive of FinTech Scotland, said of the accreditation: “We’re very proud of this cluster excellence recognition. It’s a symbolic flag we can fly, which will increase our reputation among firms and investors across Europe, USA and the Far East.

“Scotland is increasingly being recognised as offering the innovation, skills, culture and expertise that global fintech enterprises and investors seek.

“As well as awarding the accreditation, the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis benchmarking (ESCA) report details actions FinTech Scotland can lead to further develop the nation’s fintech cluster and global engagement which in turn will help shape our priorities for 2020 and beyond.”

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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