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COVID-19 in Scotland: Curated Data Weekly Update – April 10th – 17th

David Paul


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An update on the current coronavirus statistics in Scotland using Code the City CEO Ian Watt’s curated data sets.

There has been a continued increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths across Scotland over the past week, with the tip of the ‘curve’ potentially coming within the next few weeks.

Ian Watt is continuing to collate the data daily, adding in information such as intensive care cases, cases and death by age and by area.

This article will cover the current cases across the country and regionally. It will also address the country latest death toll and confirmed recoveries.

Scotland-Wide New Cases

Between the dates, it can bee seen that there is a mixture of increases and decreases, although the data shows that, generally, we are still seeing an overall increase in cases across the country.

Regional Cases

Glasgow and Greater Clyde currently have the highest number of cases in Scotland with 1661, followed by the Lothians with 1040 and Tayside with 898.

Glasgow and Greater Clyde Cases

Glasgow and Clyde

The region currently with the lowest number of confirmed daily cases is Orkney with a total of only five confirmed cases, with the Western Isles closely following with six. This could indicate that the virus is spreading less violently on islands rather than the mainland.

Orkney Cases

Scotland-Wide Deaths

On the 9th April, 28,652 has been tested for the virus, 5,275 tested positive, and 495 sadly passed away. Over the week, those numbers have steadily increased, and as of Friday the 17th, 36,637 have been tested, 7,409 have tested positive and 837 have died, twice as much as seven days ago.


Country Comparison

Currently, compared to Italy, Scotland has a much lower rate of cases and deaths. Scotlands trajectory is similar to that of the rest of the UK, and currently around two weeks behind Italy. Italy currently has 168,941 confirmed cases and 22,170 deaths. More than 40,000 people have recovered.

For more detailed curated data, go to Ian Watt’s Github page located here and an interactive map can be found here.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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