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Seasons Greeting! Torture Tech Staff With Interactive Xmas Tat

Andrew Hamilton



Support firm ConsiderIT have set up interactive decorations in their office, which visitors to their livestream can activate to ‘amuse’ employees.

Christmas. For many employees it means weeks of endless carols being piped through the sound system, enforced Santa hats, hilarious jumpers and if they’re lucky a quick run around the Christmas lunch menu at the nearest granary-style restaurant (but everyone’s driving and it’s lunchtime, so cokes all round…)

Now however, ConsiderIT an Edinburgh-based IT firm has gone above and beyond the stress of simply putting up decorations by offering punters the chance to control their office decorations through the miracle of the Internet.

Decorations include glowing fairy-lights, a large six-foot illuminated snowman – which can be inflated on command – and a speaker which can be activated to play a loop of the song ‘Jingle Bells’.

To allow maximum interaction, the ConsiderIT team have set up a livestreaming webcam above the users’ control panel. To activate the decorations, visitors need to visit the site and log in either via Facebook or with a guest account, where they will enter a queue for one minute of uninterrupted control.

Stuart Gilbertson, Owner and Founder of the company, said: “It’s fair to say the office is split on this, with the Christmas fanatics endlessly amused by the lights, the noise and the joys of the season.

“The grinches among us are getting more tormented each day, especially when a visitor to the pages turns jingle bells on at the same time as inflating Snowy McSnowface the deceptively vocal snow man.”

Last year, a similar Raspberry Pi setup saw 20,000 visitors come to the site. This time around, the team asserts that they have added further decorations and commands to the mix.

Stuart added: “While it is very much a fun exercise, the team here has developed significantly in the past year, adding a lot of expertise and IT knowledge.

“It may seem a huge distraction, but it is a great challenge creating the lights, noises and the commands – and a very fun way to interact with our clients who can see that we remain hard at work despite their best efforts!”

The DIGIT office pays homage to the season in a very different way, by recreating as closely as possible, the original stable into which the baby J was born all those years ago. Next year we hope to get rid of the straw and get actual office chairs.

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton

PR & Content Executive at Hutchinson Networks

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