IoT Christmas Lights are a Real Turn On

Edinburgh’s Consider IT support team has put its website visitors in control of its Christmas decorations.

An Edinburgh-based IT support firm has switched on its office Christmas lights today – and you’re in control of them.

Not only can you control Consider IT’s lights, but the company’s inflatable Santa and snowmen, and the festive office tunes, too.

Stuart Gilbertson, Consider IT owner and founder, said: “People can come to our website and switch these decorations on and off. There’s a webcam that points at all of this crap and you can annoy us by turning it on and off, and playing Jingle Bells over our music music system.”

So what’s the point of it all? Well, who needs a point?

“It’s just fun,” said Gilbertson. “We use Raspberry Pis and remote controlled power sockets, and we integrate that with our website. We really just play around with the technical challenge of putting it all together. We have fun with it.

We’ve done it for a few years and now it seems that people expect us to do it. At Digit Expo in November we had random people coming up to us asking us if we were going to do it this year – loads of people who we didn’t even think would have noticed it. Last year we had thousands of people visiting our website to play around with it.”

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The company moved from its New Haven office to a 3,500 square foot, purpose-built office at Leith shore in May 2018.

The new office space includes one floor for its IT support team and one floor with boardroom facilities and 17 desks dedicated to disaster recovery.

Gilbertson said: “If our clients who subscribe to that service have a fire, flood etc and can’t use their office, we switch on their business upstairs and they come and work here.”

You can check out Consider It’s IoT Christmas decorations here.

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