Computer Suit Lets Parents Plug Children into TV Without the ‘Guilt’

computer suit

The suit is accompanied by a series of mini computer games that encourage physical, emotional, creative and cognitive types of learning.

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A Dundee University design student has invented a body suit that enables parents to set activity based motivational tasks for their children to take the guilt out of leaving them in front of the TV.

Jenna Maudlin, 34, is the brains behind the motion capture suit, which is also accompanied by a video game.

Her inspiration, she said, came from busy parents who felt “guilty” for giving their children permission to watch television and play computer games. Maudlin, who hails from Lowestoft in Suffolk, said she wanted to encourage “active screen time” in children.

She explained: “It’s undeniable that screens have taken over our lives and the next generation will go through their lives with screens being a major part of it.”

She hopes her invention will also encourage children to become more energetic in their everyday lives. The computer suit also enables parents to monitor their child’s progress.

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She said: “This is, ultimately, one of the biggest problems I wanted to solve, as well as keeping kids on their feet.

“I adopted the notions that Lego and Play Scotland recommend, creating mini-games that encourage physical, emotional, creative and cognitive types of learning, as well as teaching kids about the world around them as a way to reassure parents through the companion app of their child’s progress.”

This weekend the innovative suit will be presented at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design degree show in Dundee.

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