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Commsworld Completes Roll-out of £10m UK-wide Optical Core Network

Ross Kelly



Commsworld has taken a final historic step in its evolution from telecoms disruptor to the nation’s largest independent network provider.

The Edinburgh-headquartered firm has completed the final rollout of its nationwide ultra-fast optical core network, investing more than £10 million in the project.

Capable of offering speeds up to 200 gigabits per second, the next-generation network was built specifically for use by businesses and has revolutionised the security and resilience of digital infrastructure for organisations across the UK.

The final steps of the roll-out took place in Huddersfield with the launch of Commsworld’s last – and 91st in total – Point of Presence (PoP). Commsworld has invested £1 million in Yorkshire after joining the IXLeeds Internet Exchange last year.

Following the addition of the final PoP, this makes Commsworld the only organisation to connect all of the UK’s internet exchanges – linking up major cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and London to its network.


Commenting on the achievement, Commsworld managing director Bruce Strang said: “Adding this final PoP to our network marks the culmination of years of hard work, and is a landmark moment for Commsworld. It means we can offer a unique, more local service to any organisations that want it – a true, cohesive, end-to-end optical network.”

Commsworld’s network centres around its use of dark fibre. Dark fibre allows for low latency levels, meaning the firm manages the process of data transference from end to end. This, Commsworld said, makes it more resilient, flexible and agile.


To allow optical signals to make their way up and down the country, Commsworld needed to position PoPs at intervals of around 80km across it. The roll-out of the Huddersfield PoP now means that speeds and network efficiency can be maintained uniformly across the country.

Strang added: “This has been one of our main objectives and we have achieved it. It means businesses are not limited by their location – they will have access to uniform speeds of up to 10GB. We are very much looking forward to seeing dramatically faster and more robust connections flourishing across all parts of the UK.”

Commsworld chief executive Ricky Nicol hailed the completion of the optical core network and said the firm is preparing to reach out to locations south of the border, particularly in rural areas which have traditionally suffered from poor internet coverage.

He said: “Access to excellent internet connections, whether for domestic customers or business customers, is fast becoming a human right. To add this final PoP to our network in Huddersfield is a tremendous achievement.

“We firmly believe every corner of Britain should have access to the same ultra-fast connectivity as businesses in the big cities like London, Leeds and Edinburgh.”

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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