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Commsworld Becomes First to Utilise Openreach Dark Fibre

Dominique Adams


Charlie Boisseau

Scottish border towns are set to get a connectivity boost as telecoms provider Commsworld rolls out dark fibre. 

Edinburgh-headquartered telecoms provider Commsworld claims to have hit an industry milestone by becoming the first provider to successfully utilise Openreach’s newly released Dark Fibre X (DFX).

Dark fibre is a passive optical fibre connection between two sites and is so called because there is no equipment at either end to light the fibre.

As part of the initial roll out the company, which operates the largest privately-owned Optical Core Fibre Network (OCFN) in the UK, will deploy 200km of dark fibre. It will be used to upgrade the backhaul into its enabled exchanges across the Scottish Borders, linking the region to its OCFN with new ultrafast connectivity.

Commsworld said this would provide alternative, accessible and affordable connectivity to organisations in towns such as Jedburgh, Kelso, Duns and Peebles.

According to the company, by lighting the dark fibre with its own optical equipment, it will be able to provide organisations and homes with flexible connectivity speeds of up to 10Gbps, which is about 185 times the average UK download speed.

Charlie Boisseau, CTO at Commsworld, said: “Bringing this ultra-high-speed connectivity to more rural areas creates really exciting prospects for domestic and business users.

“Businesses won’t be limited by location anymore – we’re looking forward to seeing more businesses with dramatically faster and more robust connections flourishing in rural areas. Anyone will be able to set up a high-tech business from anywhere.

“Having the first Dark Fibre services from Openreach is a real milestone for the industry. Rural connectivity is only ever as good as its backhaul, and for meaningful competition to thrive in all corners of the country, measures such as DFX are crucial.”


Katie Milligan, head of customer, commercial and propositions at Openreach, added: “Commsworld has embraced dark fibre and secured an industry first to embed it into their Borders network. We’ve worked very closely with the industry to design the product.

“It’s now out there being used to extend high-speed services. We’ve worked very closely with the industry to design the new product and it’s now out there being used to extend high-speed services and provide more choice to customers.2

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