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Codeplay Renesas Deal to Make Edinburgh a Global Hub for Car A.I.

Brian Baglow


Codeplay Renesas Vehicle AI Deal

Edinburgh-based software developer Codeplay has partnered with Japanese chip giant Renesas to bring its advanced vision processing and machine learning to the next generation of cars.

Codeplay Software is working with Japanese semiconductor giant Renesas Electronics Corporation to enable the next generation of the company’s automotive processors.

This technology will allow future cars to interpret their surroundings and take control to avoid accidents, or to help with normal driving functions.

The partnership will create 30 new software development jobs in the capital, making the city a leader in the future of vehicle automation.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is already available today in high-end cars providing functions such as adaptive cruise control and self parking. The next generation extends these functions relieving the driver of more responsibilities including steering, avoiding accidents and ultimately taking full control, in a move towards fully autonomous cars.

“Codeplay has already worked directly with the world’s greatest processors providing advanced software solutions,” said Andrew Richards, founder and CEO of Codeplay Software. “We are excited to be enabling Renesas great products. It endorses the company’s product and the leadership reputation of the software engineers.”

The collaboration between the companies will deliver ComputeAorta™, Codeplay’s OpenCL open standard-based software framework for Renesas R-Car system-on-chips (SoCs).

The new framework is designed to support software development for the R-Car’s latest image recognition IP, the IMP-X5, a multi-threading core optimized for computer vision and cognitive processing. Codeplay will also provide R-Car with ComputeCpp™, an implementation of the SYCL™ open standard, enabling single source C++ software for high level and object-oriented programming.

The output from Codeplay and Resnesas will provide developers with standard software development tools and support for a wide range of open source computer vision or open source deep learning software for use in vehicles. Developers will be able to focus on innovation, and reuse software assets or take advantage of the latest innovations in computer vision and cognitive processing to minimise porting effort and accelerate time-to-market.

Codeplay was founded in 2002 and has grown since then into a world leader in compute processing systems, heterogenous systems and specialised tools for complex processor architectures. The company has grown from the two original founders into a team of 70 based in central Edinburgh.

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