CodeClan Partner Programme to Boost “Innovation and Growth Mindset”

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The digital skills academy believes increased collaboration  between employers, innovation centres, industry bodies and third-sector organisations will be critical to the future of Scotland’s technology sector.

CodeClan has relaunched its partner programme to accommodate the rapid changes underway in Scotland’s digital technology sector.

The programme, which will focus on an “innovation and growth mindset”, will help transform the careers of coding academy members.

Closing the digital skills gap, while enabling Scottish businesses to innovate, will be a key focus of the relaunched programme.

Key Elements 

This relaunch is the culmination of more than three years of consultation and collaboration with businesses across Scotland. Currently, more than 220 Scottish firms are involved in the programme, which offers partners the opportunity to recruit from a vibrant talent pool. CodeClan recently announced it will launch a new Highland Academy, offering a 12-week intensive coding course. The programme is made up of three key elements, CodeClan said.  

First and foremost, the organisation aims to engage partners on “multiple levels” – this includes speed networking, digital talks, match-making and using feedback to further develop relevant courses.  

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Developing job-ready, confident professionals with a “growth mindset” will also be a key focus of the programme.

The internationally-recognised 16-week Professional Software Development (PSD) course will be a crucial role in this process, while additional upskilling courses will be available.  

CodeClan also said it hopes to support the growth of the Scottish tech eco-system by “engaging with innovative businesses” both large and small.  

Rapid Changes

Melinda Matthews-Clarkson, CEO of CodeClan, said the relaunch is a direct response to the changing nature of the technology sector. While business is changing, CodeClan has a responsibility to keep pace.  

“In digital technology, the one constant is change,” she said. “New technologies, new business opportunities and whole new markets can appear and evolve incredibly quickly. 

“In the three years since CodeClan was founded, we too have changed and evolved, primarily through listening to and understanding our partners and the challenges they face.” 

Matthews-Clarkson added: “Our partner programme increases that engagement and creates a more interactive and open environment which will ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of Scotland’s digital industries as we move forward.” 

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