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Nearly Three-quarters of Scottish Businesses Have Adopted Cloud Computing

Ross Kelly


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Brightsolid’s 2019 Cloud State of the Nation survey shows that, while businesses are adopting cloud computing, there is still work to be done to highlight the financial benefits. 

Almost three-quarters (71%) of businesses across Scotland have adopted cloud computing, with 43% of firms considering their cloud journey as ‘mature’ or ‘mainstream’, according to research from Brightsolid.

The Scottish colocation and cloud solutions company has released findings from its 2019 Cloud State of the Nation survey, which also found that 45% of respondents are looking to implement a hybrid cloud strategy into their business.

More than half (53%) of businesses in Scotland are already investigating ‘best fit’ approaches over ‘cloud first’ and ‘cloud only’ the survey reveals.

Brightsolid CEO, Elaine Maddison, believes that a “mixture of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud services are becoming more prevalent” due to IT infrastructure challenges.

“It’s challenging to make one type of IT infrastructure fulfil the different performance, price and functionality requirements of a business,” Maddison said. “IT infrastructure is intrinsic to delivering real business value and CTOs are ever-more on the hook to justify technology through business outcomes.”

Gartner research shows that, globally, 90% of organisations will have moved to hybrid cloud infrastructure by 2020.

Hybrid cloud offers a combination of on-premise, specialised and public cloud services with a management or orchestration layer. This encompasses holistic thinking on how cloud can fit into current IT infrastructure, including colocated environments and legacy kit.

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Despite ongoing openness to the cloud, Brightsolid’s research also shows that 40% of respondents believe the top barrier to cloud is cost and recovering return of investment, followed by culture and skills (30%), with a strong focus on defining a cloud strategy, optimisation, compliance and technical architecture.

23% of Scottish businesses are still mired in uncertainty over which type of cloud they will adopt, Brightsolid revealed, which shows there is still a need to highlight the financial benefits of adoption.

“While it is encouraging to see how advanced businesses in Scotland are on their cloud journey, there is still some way to go to achieve cloud nirvana,” Maddison said. “For example, our research also found that over a fifth of Scottish businesses remain unsure as to which type of cloud they will adopt in the future.

“It is, therefore, ours and the industry’s responsibility to ensure that organisations are clear on the financial benefits the cloud will afford them and ensure they have access to the skills and training needed to maintain their journey.”

Ross Kelly

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