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ClinSpec Diagnostics Secures Second Major Funding Boost

David Paul


ClinSpec Diagnostics

The cancer diagnostics firm has now reached its funding target of £3.5 million after securing an additional £1.1 million.

ClinSpec Diagnostics, (ClinSpec Dx), the Glasgow-based developer of liquid biopsies for early detection of cancer, has reached its £3.5m investment target after a second major funding round.

The University of Strathclyde spinout has secured £1.1m in investment from Norcliffe Capital Limited, the University of Strathclyde, Eos Advisory and the founders.

The company gained its first-round investment (£2.4m) in 2020, led by Mercia’s EIS Funds with Scottish Enterprise, profit with purpose investor SIS Ventures, as well as Eos Advisory and the University of Strathclyde. The firm says it can now use the funds to help develop new technologies.

ClinSpec Dx’s liquid biopsy blood test is fast, inexpensive, and easy to carry out, using tech based on the research of Dr Matthew Baker. Through a combination of infra-red light and artificial intelligence, its ‘drop, dry, detect’ technology provides results in minutes.

Mark Hegarty, CEO at ClinSpec Dx, commented: “Achieving the £3.5m target enables us to accelerate our plans. We will shortly complete our move into new lab and office facilities and increase staffing to 15, bringing forward key operational and commercial appointments.

“Our two clinical studies on detection of brain cancer have been successful and papers are in draft for publication over the next six months.

“This, plus the development of our multi-cancer platform covering the most common cancers, will form the bedrock for Series A investment in 2022, with the target of commercial launch in 2024.

“We are also delighted to have further strengthened our leadership team by the appointment of Prof David Onions of Norcliffe Capital to the Board of Directors.”

Worldwide, 26,000 people die from cancer every day, making early detection diagnosis essential to save lives. Early diagnosis results in significantly higher survival rates compared to late-stage diagnosis, increasing the availability of treatment options and improving chances of recovery and a better quality of life.

ClinSpec Dx’s says its liquid biopsy tech has the potential to “indicate the type and severity of the tumour,” allowing doctors and clinicians to prioritise and fast-track the most appropriate and effective treatments.


Professor David Onions, Adviser to Norcliffe Capital said: “The team at Norcliffe Capital are delighted to be supporting the next phase of development of ClinSpec Dx.

“Early diagnosis of cancer is critical for effective treatment but can require complex and expensive procedures. ClinSpec Dx have developed a revolutionary, rapid, diagnostic system for cancer that only requires a drop of blood.

“We were very impressed by the results from the clinical studies on brain cancer and the clear strategy of the company; first in widening the range of cancers being examined and then moving to clinical application of the technology after the Series A funding round next year.”

ClinSpec Dx has raised £5.1 million to date, including a first-round of seed funding in 2019. The firm has also gained grant funding from the Higgs EDGE Special Award, and from Innovate UK through the precision medicine accelerator fund.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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