UK Gov Classroom Tech Drive Needs Industry Giants

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The UK Government will ask global tech giants to lead an education revolution to help the next generation of tech-savvy students. 

The UK Government is calling on global tech giants, such as Microsoft or Apple, to help lead an education revolution in classrooms across Britain by introducing new technology to the curriculum.

State-of-the-art technology is helping to enable millions of students across the UK, from primary age to university, to engage with subjects like never before. Augmented reality, virtual reality, coding and robotics are but a few of the many options that students now have available to them.

Despite this, Education Secretary, Damian Hinds claims only a minority of schools and colleges are taking advantage of these opportunities. In order to boost engagement and develop the next generation of tech-savvy students, Hinds is calling on the UK’s growing tech sector and Silicon Valley giants to tackle the issue.

He said: “Schools, colleges and universities have the power to choose the tech tools which are best for them and their budgets. But they cannot do this alone.

“It’s only by forging a strong partnership between government, technology innovators and the education sector that there will be sustainable, focused solutions which will ultimately support and inspire the learners of today and tomorrow.”

Call to Arms

The Education Secretary has identified five key areas where the technology sector can increase engagement and provide solutions to the growing tech deficit in British schools, highlighting; teaching practices, teacher training, assessment processes, lifelong learning and administration processes.

Technology, Hinds said, can help to cut the time teachers spend on administrative tasks; enabling them to engage with students on a greater level. Hinds said that Shireland Collegiate Academy, in Smethwick, is a prime example of tech innovation being used to fuel development in education.

The school uses a number of applications and software packages to assist in its day-to-day operations, saving hours worth of administrative work that teachers can invest in students.

By employing the tech sector to showcase successful examples of technology in education, Hinds believes innovation can thrive in schools and colleges across the UK. Working with industry leaders, the Department for Education would aim to create online training programmes and also provide an online portal to provide software trials for schools.

Hinds said: “I’ve been fortunate enough to see technology being used in revolutionary ways. Students are able to explore the rainforest, steer virtual ships or programme robots from their classroom, while teachers are able to access training, share best practice with colleagues and update parents on a pupil’s progress without being taken away from their main focus – teaching.”

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