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CENSIS Launches “IoT2Go” Kit and IoT Cyber Accelerator Programme

Dominique Adams


The kits are expected to help build on the diverse range of IoT projects CENSIS already has underway across Scotland.

CENSIS has partnered with the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise to launch an initiative to support the development and adoption of IoT technologies.

The six-month IoT Cyber Accelerator programme, which will be led by CENSIS, will help businesses and developers enhance the resilience of IoT networks and devices, through new products and approaches to cyber security. Companies selected for the programme will benefit from tailored support from CENSIS and Scottish Enterprise to turn ideas into fully realised products or services.

The launch of the programme was announced at CENSIS’s sixth annual Technology Summit in Glasgow by Kate Forbes MSP, Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy. As part of this initiative, a series of workshops will be held for a wide range of businesses to help them identify opportunities and challenges within IoT.

CENSIS has also partnered with Abertay University to deliver an IoT vulnerability study that will highlight risks or flaws in the design of IoT devices – the outcomes will be used to develop or refine best-practice guidelines.


Speaking at the summit in Glasgow, Forbes said: “The challenge of building security and resilience into digital products and services is something that is being wrestled with on a global stage. I’m delighted that the Scottish Government is supporting CENSIS and Scottish Enterprise to deliver this programme of activity which will see Scotland at the forefront of these developments.

“We have an ambitious cyber resilience strategy, which at its core is about making Scotland a safe place to live, learn and do business. Developing robust technology, in Scotland, rooted in principles of quality and trust, goes hand in hand with that.”

CENSIS has also announced the launch of three ‘IoT2Go’ development kits, which are composed of off the shelf hardware and can be used by people with no coding or technical experience. The kits – for indoor, outdoor and imaging applications – are ‘plug and play’ boxes that give organisations a chance to experiment and build their own complete IoT network.

The kits are expected to help build on the diverse range of IoT projects CENSIS already has underway across Scotland. Among them, CENSIS and NHS Highland are developing a testbed to trial non-clinical IoT applications within the health board’s estate, including building maintenance and asset tracking. The Innovation Centre is also partnering with the Local Government Digital Office to help increase understanding and uptake of IoT technologies across local government.

Paul Winstanley, chief executive of CENSIS, said: “IoT technologies are quickly becoming ubiquitous – if they don’t already affect your business, they soon will. It’s highly encouraging to see so many projects and initiatives underway which involve helping companies to adopt IoT and realise the benefits it can offer – Scotland is very much leading the way and the IoT Cyber Accelerator can underpin its growth across the country.

“Our IoT2Go kits are designed so that anyone can build and use a network in their business. We’re already exploring some of the transformative effects access to IoT can have for services providers in the public sector, along with other areas like this which are not necessarily immediately associated with technology.

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