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Calcivis Crowned with a Filling of Funding

Andrew Hamilton


Calcivis could help dental work

The Edinburgh firm specialises in imaging systems that can spot tooth decay and enable preventative dentistry.

It’s all smiles at Edinburgh-based medical devices company Calcivis after the company secured new equity funding to bring its dentistry imaging products to market. Existing investors, Edinburgh firm Archangel Investors and the Scottish Investment Bank all participated in the round, alongside Julzco, a US-based healthcare fund.

The Calcivis imaging system allows real-time visualisation of demineralisation (the loss of calcium on the tooth surface), a process which leads to tooth decay. Calcivis can be used in routine dental practice and will, it is hoped, lead to more discussions between dentist and patient as to the most appropriate treatment if calcium loss is detected.

Adam Christie, CEO of Calcivis, was certain of the benefits that detection imagery proposes. Christie said: “Our completely novel approach to dental imaging allows the live visualisation of active tooth demineralisation and will help to establish a new standard of preventive care in dentistry. Clinicians will be able to provide a clear justification to their patients for the preventive dental care plan that they propose to undertake, ensuring better compliance and allowing them to build a stronger relationship with their patients.”

Fresh investment will accelerate the company’s ability to bring the Calcivis imaging product to dental practices up and down the country. The company will also use the funds to seek Pre-Market Authorisation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, paving the way for distribution in the US market. To generate further interest, Calcivis will promote the imaging system at the British Industry Dental Association Showcase in Birmingham.

Dr. Sarah Hardy, Chief Investment Officer at Archangels, said: “With a number of key value-generating milestones including clinical data, a PMA filing and the launch of the Calcivis imaging system in the UK expected in the coming months, we are delighted to continue to support the company as it reaches the market adoption phase in its development.

“We are confident that the Calcivis imaging system will make a real impact on the management of caries (decay) and erosion and will herald a new era of preventive dentistry in both the US and Europe.”

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton

PR & Content Executive at Hutchinson Networks

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