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British Airways Flights Delayed by ‘Technical Issues’

Dominique Adams


British Airways

A number of British Airways flights have been delayed or cancelled due to a problem with the airline’s flight plan system. 

British Airways (BA) customers are facing significant disruption to their travel plans following what the airline describes as a ‘technical issue’.

Heathrow and Gatwick, the UK’s two busiest airports, are among those affected by the problem. However, the issue appears to be a global one with flights from the US, India and Japan showing up as delayed.

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport blamed the delays on an issue with the airline’s system for handling flight plans. Some long-haul flights had arrived at the airport around three hours, which in turn caused further departure delays.

The airline has apologised to customers and is re-booking them on alternative flights or putting them up in accommodation. A spokeswoman for BA said: “Our teams are working hard to resolve a technical issue, which is affecting some of our flights.”


The airline is advising customers to check for the latest information and to ensure that their contact details are up to date on their booking.

This technical issue follows on from a series of systems failures for the airline. In August, a major IT glitch saw more than 100 flights cancelled and then, in September, BA faced its first ever pilot strike in September, when crews walked out over pay and conditions rows.

As a result of a massive customer data breach in 2017, earlier this year the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced plans to fine the airline more than £183 million under the new Data Protection Act. This proposed fine is the largest penalty ever doled out – roughly 367 times as high as the previous record.



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