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Salesforce EMEA President: Britain Will Thrive after Brexit

Ross Kelly


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Salesforce EMEA president Miguel Milano said that “no matter what happens” the company will continue to invest in the UK.

The UK will continue to thrive and attract top global firms after Brexit, according to a top figure at one of the world’s fastest-growing tech firms.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Salesforce EMEA president Miguel Milano said that, regardless of the outcome of Brexit, the UK will still remain a top destination for tech firms.

Salesforce has more than 30,000 staff located across the globe and recently announced it would create an additional 900 jobs in the UK over the next five years.

Milano said he was optimistic about Britain’s future in a post-Brexit world and said the firm will continue to invest in its UK operations.

“No matter what happens we will continue investing in the UK. It’s a great opportunity and a great market for us, with amazing companies we can serve,” he said.

“We’re not seeing anything negative, Brexit doesn’t keep me up at night,” he added. “Nothing keeps me up at night other than our ability to hire top talent.”

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Milano’s comments echo those of International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. Speaking in Davos, Fox said the UK will remain “open for business” and that the UK is still an “attractive destination for foreign direct investment” despite the uncertainty of Brexit.

However, a host of companies have recently announced they may withdraw from the UK following Brexit. The spectre of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, in particular, appears to be the main concern among businesses with UK operations.

Airbus, Siemens and Goldman Sachs have all issued warnings over the risk of a no deal Brexit, while companies such as Sony and Panasonic have announced they will move headquarters’ registration to the Netherlands by the end of March to avoid Brexit-related issues.

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The non-departmental public body said there is “anecdotal evidence” that EU academics were already finding, or considering, new roles as a result of Brexit upheaval.

Speaking in December, SFC director of research and innovation Stuart Fancey, said: “Scotland’s internationally renowned research and innovation base is reliant on our ability to attract, recruit and retain internationally mobile talent.

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