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A Future With No Lawyers? Blockchain Beyonce Interviews Angela Walch

Brian Baglow


Blockchain Beyonce Angela Walch

Scotland’s very own distributed ledger legend, Blockchain Beyonce interviews Professor Angela Walch and looks at the realities of blockchain governance, regulation and asks if technology will ever replaces lawyers.

Blockchain is so hot right now. From finance to fashion, there’s no industry which distributed ledger technology can’t fundamentally alter and make better. According to some anyway.

The reality is that the technology is still evolving, the ways in which it can be used, still being discussed and the regulation and legislation around it still struggling to catch up. There’s a lot of hot air and hype about how blockchain is changing the world, but little of it comes from people who, well, actually know what they’re talking about…

Thankfully, there is a solution. Blockchain Beyonce (aka Wallet Services Iona Murray) talks to pioneers, business leaders, academics and experts to look seriously at blockchain, from the underlying technology to the practical ways in which companies can utilise it.

In her latest video, BB speaks to Angela Walch.

Angela is an Associate Professor at St. Mary’s University School of Law and a Research Fellow at the University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies.

As a former lawyer, Angela’s research focuses on money and the law, blockchain technologies, governance of emerging technologies, and financial stability. She has presented her research at Harvard Law School, Stanford University, University College London, and with the Modern Money Network at Columbia Law School, among others. Her work on blockchain technologies has appeared in the NYU Journal of Legislation & Public Policy, the Review of Banking & Financial Law, and American Banker, and has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, the Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Times.

Angela was nominated for Blockchain Person of the Year for 2016 by Crypto Coins News for her work on the governance of blockchain technologies and her ‘influential article’ in American Banker arguing that the coders and miners of public blockchains should be treated as fiduciaries.

Part one looks at who really controls a blockchain? Is it really the anarchistic utopia that some would have us believe?

Part two explores whether technology and blockchain, AI and advancing technology can ever replace lawyers – and are ICO’s really legit?


You can find all of Blockchain Beyonce’s videos on her YouTube channel.

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