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BLACKBX Partnership to Drive Global Growth

Brian Baglow


BLACKBX LigoWave Patrick Clover

Guest WiFi provider BLACKBX has signed a deal with LigoWave, which will bundle the company’s software within all LigoWave hardware. Business owners buying equipment will be able to access and use BLACKBX’s guest WiFi tools and analytics out-of-the-box.

BLACKBX charges a monthly fee to enable business owners and SME’s to offer ‘guest’ WiFi services to customers. The service provides businesses with data capture, user analytics and data on customer activity, to build loyalty and generate additional revenue. The service is aimed at a range of businesses from cafes, pubs and bars, to holiday parks, hotels, public transport and large venues such as stadiums.

The agreement will allow BLACKBX to address a truly international market, as LigoWave sells equipment globally. The company currently has around 350 business customers around the UK, with a further 100 worldwide.

Patrick Clover, founder of BLACKBX, said: “This is a great step forward for BLACKBX, we already have customers using our products in several countries in Europe, across the US, and Brazil. The partnership with a well-respected firm such as LigoWave provides us with access to a vast new market and builds on the success we have already achieved internationally.

“Regardless of where they are based, our approach is focused on giving the user the best possible experience whilst also providing a valuable service that brings genuine insight and enhanced customer engagement for the business owner.”

Ginte Packauskaite, Marketing Manager of LigoWave, commented: “We are truly impressed with the innovation and drive of BLACKBX as a business. It is a young company, but one that has already made quite a name for itself with guest WiFi. We believe that our hardware and their software and analytics tools will be a winning combination, empowering businesses all over the world with quality WiFi, data analytics, and clear insights on their customers.”

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Brian Baglow


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