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EVENT: Big Data Scotland 2017

Brian Baglow


Big Data Scotland 2017 CDO Hub

Big Data Scotland is the largest annual data analytics conference held in Scotland: it is supported by ScotlandIS and The Data Lab and free for delegates to attend. 

Data and data analytics are redefining business. A company’s data has transitioned from a neglected asset to the lifeblood of the organisation and a critical component of business intelligence, insight and strategy.

Big Data Scotland is the country’s largest dedicated data analytics conference. Aimed at a senior and executive level audience, the event will investigate the ongoing evolution of data analytics, explore the key tools and techniques within data science and debate how these can be applied to deliver practical insight and real business value.

The conference programme will include a broad range of topics from data wrangling, to visualisation, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the rapid evolution of Industry 4.0.

Key Themes for Big Data Scotland will include:

  • Tools and techniques
  • Corporate data culture, business processes, digital transformation
  • Business intelligence, trends, decision making
  • AI, Real-time Analytics, IoT, Industry 4.0, Robotics
  • Security, regulation, privacy, consent, anonymisation
  • Data visualisation, interpretation and communication
  • CRM and Personalisation

Big Data Scotland 2017Big Data Scotland is free to attend for digital and IT professionals. Those outside the industry can attend as paying delegates. Tickets are available on the event website.

The event has already confirmed speakers from organisations and companies including:

With more to come.

Ray Bugg, the founder and Managing Director of DIGIT, said: “As technology continues to penetrate every aspect of business, more and more companies are realising that data is not simply records to be stored, but an enormous business asset. However, the challenge is ensuring that the data works for you and can be stored, analysed, visualised and acted upon as a force multiplier for real business change.

“Big Data Scotland will cover all aspects of data science and provide delegates with real, practical insight into this rapidly evolving and increasingly critical business technology.”

Big Data Scotland takes place at central Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth on December 7th 2017. Tickets are available free to digital and IT professionals. Those who do not qualify for free tickets can register to attend the event for £199.

For more information and to book a place at Big Data Scotland visit the event’s website:

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Brian Baglow


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