Scotland’s Tech Sector Salaries Revealed

The fourth annual Be-IT salary survey shows the average salary levels and contractor day rates for a wide range of roles within Scotland’s digital technology sector.

The Be-IT annual salary survey provides a snapshot of average salary levels for a broad range of roles, from analysis to infrastructure, from management to testing, for various levels of experience within Scotland’s digital technology sector.

The figures are based on the company’s candidate database and work placements across 2017, a survey carried out by an independent third-party and data from industry bodies including ScotlandIS and ITJobsWatch.

The results from 2017 show a surprising variation in figures from the previous year. Even salaries in areas of presumably high demand such as security, project management and testing show a combination of rising and falling salaries, while contractor day rates have fallen in general.

Be-IT Salary Survey 2017

Gareth Biggerstaff, the CEO of BE-IT told DIGIT: “When we set up Be-IT, well over four years ago now, one of the things I wanted to do was provide useful information for those either actively seeking a new job or who were pondering this possibility but weren’t yet ready to make a move.

“The obvious thing was to do a salary survey, on the grounds that everyone wants to know how much everyone else is paid and, more importantly, if they are being paid enough. Crucially, the one thing we did which most other salary surveys don’t do is provide figures for different levels of experience – 0-2 years, 2-5 years and more than five years, as well as contract rates and graduate salaries.

“We know that our original supposition that IT professionals would welcome this level of detail was correct: the traffic on our website rises dramatically when the survey is published.”

You can find the results of the whole 2017 survey on the Be-IT website.

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