BBC TV Licencing Website Error Put Thousands of Customers’ Data At Risk


Customers’ personal details such as name, address, email and bank details may have been affected.

A botched technical update on the BBC‘s TV Licencing website has put the personal data of licence holders at risk.

TV Licencing said it discovered that for a limited period – from 29th August until around 3.20pm on 5th September 2018 – some transactions carried out on its website were not as secure as they should have been.

This issue did not affect debit and credit card details but it may have affected customers’ personal details such as name, address and email or, if customers entered bank details, the sort code and account number. In some cases, this information was not encrypted when it was transmitted from customers’ computer.

TV Licensing said it took its website offline to correct the error as soon as it realised there was a problem.

Urgent investigation

A spokesperson for the company said: “The website has been restored with full security and all transactions are now encrypted again under HTTPS.

“We’ve urgently investigated and have established the cause so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again. Additionally, we’re contacting all customers urgently who we believe submitted their bank details during this period.”

The company added that there is no evidence its website has been subject to any sort of attack or that the security of its customers’ data has actually been compromised.

The spokesperson said: “We take the security of our customer’s data very seriously. We’re really sorry this happened, but want to assure customers that the risk to them is low and we’ve taken action to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“We believe the risk of anyone else having seen information sent through to our website during that period is extremely low but, because we take a very cautious approach.”

As a precaution TV Licencing suggests that customers check their bank account to ensure there are no transactions that have not been authorised and check that direct debits have not been amended in any way.

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