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Battery Tech Management Company Dukosi to Double its Workforce

David Paul


The firm is looking to improve the efficiency and safety of large complex batteries

Dukosi, the Edinburgh based developer of disruptive battery management technology, has announced that it is doubling its workforce in a recruitment drive designed to expand its business and help to develop new products and technologies.

The intention is to add an IC development team, allowing Dukosi to “design, develop and deploy next generation technologies and products”.

The team’s role will be to use Dukosi’s current technology, based on silicon chips and embedded software and algorithms, to improve the safety and efficiency of the large, complex batteries.

Nat Edington, CEO at Dukosi, said: “2019 was an incredibly exciting year for Dukosi and we are now looking to build on the positive momentum from our acquisition by KCK.

“Our technology can have a genuinely transformational impact on the next generation of batteries, at a time when demand has never been higher.


“We have many new exciting products to develop and bring to market in the next few years, and it’s important we continue to build our world class engineering team in key areas.”

Dukosi’s new cell technology “integrates monitoring, processing and communications to optimise battery pack design, provide deep cell level data, and improve pack reliability”.

The company currently produces batteries used in Electric Vehicles, Transport, Grid Energy Storage and Industrial applications.

By reducing the complexity of the batteries, improving their accuracy and providing a unique history for each cell, Dukosi would be able to greatly reduce the cost and weight of the batteries, increase performance and improve their life span.

David Paul

Staff Writer, DIGIT

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