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Barclays Pioneers Siri Payments

Chloe Henderson


Barclays Siri Payment Service

“Siri, pay John £20 with Barclays.”


Customers with the Barclays Mobile Banking app can now use Siri to make transfers to mobile contacts and existing payees without even having to open the app. Users can use simple commands such as, “pay Jane £10 with Barclays,” to unlock the function.

Payments are authenticated with Apple’s TouchID fingerprint recognition service, removing the need for a password.

Barclay’s seems to be taking the lead with its FinTech services. The Siri announcement follows last week’s launch of the bank’s new smart business dashboard.

Raheel Ahmed, head of customer experiences and channels at Barclays, said: “Barclays has a long history of introducing innovative new products and services to give our customers choice in how they bank.

“We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the world’s first ATM, which was introduced to provide customers with 24/7 access to their money for the first time ever. The introduction of Siri payments to mobile banking customers is another step forward, giving flexibility and greater choice for all our customers.”

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Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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