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Idea Bootcamp Lets Startups Access Tech Expertise

Andrew Hamilton


bad dinosaur idea bootcamp

Firms can develop their ideas from crazy concept to minimum viable product.

Edinburgh-based Bad Dinosaur is offering budding start-ups the opportunity to develop ideas through its new Idea Bootcamp.

The company has recognised that not every entrepreneur is a coder or technical expert, yet technology is a fundamental to a growing number of start-ups.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can bring their proposals to Bad Dinosaur, located in CodeBase HQ, and work with the team to make their high level concepts more tangible.

The hands-on Bootcamp offers start-ups the opportunity to have their ideas evaluated and honed into a technical specification or design document. Participants will be advised on topics from technical aspects to strategy, such as key skills gaps, new hires and timeframes to reach particular goals.

Russ Peterson of Bad Dinosaur claims that the early stages of a start-up, especially getting to grips with technical concepts, can be one of the toughest parts of starting a new company.

russ idea bootcamp‘The Scottish start-up industry is still in its infancy and what I see is that maybe Scotland isn’t quite learning from the mistakes of other industries in the world, like Silicon Valley. What happened in Silicon Valley is people – who were basically ‘nerds in their garages’ – were building things, but then the nerds in their garages were forgotten about. It all became about funding and growing companies that were turning into unicorns.

“What we’re finding with the landscape in Scotland is that if you’ve already got people interested, everyone is falling over themselves offering their help. But if you’re still that guy in a garage trying to build something, there’s still a little bit of friction there. We feel passionate about helping those people.”

After the Boot Camp, Bad Dinosaur offers a more advanced MVP (minimum viable product) programme can develop an actual concept which firm can then use to approach investors.

Over the last year, the Bad Dinosaur has taken on 10 start-ups on the MVP scheme, along with a number of other businesses already in the sector that have chosen to ‘pivot’ or innovate their ideas further.

The Bootcamp is flexible, and can end when a client has achieved their desired goal, or when the product has been brought ‘to pilot’. However, those through the scheme can also return and build upon their application further.

Peterson said: “It starts with strategy. We run sessions where we try and distil that crazy idea into something that can actually be built. It has to start with, ‘What’s the problem you’re trying to solve? What’s your audience?’ And we find that people need help with that, not everyone can do that in their heads.”

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton

PR & Content Executive at Hutchinson Networks

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