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Scottish EDGE Team Up With Previous Winners Amiqus

Chloe Henderson



The Scottish EDGE competition is working with one of its previous winners to deliver an anti-money laundering and credit check system for applicants. 

amiqusThe UK’s largest business funding competition, Scottish EDGE, has become a customer of one of its previous winners, Edinburgh-based tech startup Amiqus. Amiqus ID software provided an anti-money laundering and credit check system required for applicants in the latest round of the top business competition.

The bi-annual competition has awarded over £9m to Scottish starts ups, with Amiqus having received a collective £95,000. The business was also one of the first to sign the ‘EDGE pledge’ – Scottish EDGE’s initiative for previous winners to support future entrepreneurs.

According to Scottish EDGE, both organisations view their ongoing partnership as ‘testament to the synergy between innovation and support,’ that is propelling Scotland forward in the race to be a global leader in fast-scaling entrepreneurship.

Scottish EDGE CEO Evelyn McDonald said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be joining forces with the great team at Amiqus. We had the pleasure of watching the business grow over the course of three rounds of the Scottish EDGE competition, during which it became the first business to do the ‘EDGE treble’ – a win in all three of our categories.

amiqus“As you can imagine, a water tight due diligence practice is crucial to our operation given the large sums of money that we award each round. Amiqus software has enabled us to significantly refine this process and has allowed us to direct resources to other essential areas of the competition. We look forward to a continued successful working partnership.”

Amiqus CEO Callum Murray added: “As a company that’s benefitted from Scottish EDGE support, we were very glad that Amiqus ID could help new entrepreneurs undergo the anti-money laundering checks necessary for taking part in the competition. Our win at Scottish EDGE last year gave us a boost in momentum and we’ve since gained 20 new clients and doubled the size of our team. Scottish startups are lucky to have such accessible means of gaining support and visibility in their early stages, which makes all the difference when you’re trying to turn an idea into a profitable business and be a rewarding employer.”

Chloe Henderson

Staff Writer - DIGIT

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