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DIGIT (formerly Scot-Tech Engagement) is Scotland’s leading technology media & events company, dedicated to providing tech news, views, opinion for IT & Digital users & consumers We have developed partnerships spanning: industry, academia, government, membership groups, regulatory bodies and innovation centres. This ensures that our news and events are not restricted by the interests of a single perspective but instead reflect a balanced consensus, covering the core issues that are most relevant to the audience. Founded in October 2013, DIGIT.FYI and its network of events now reach nearly 20,000 business & technology users per week. DIGIT hosts major conferences and events in Scotland, including Oil & Gas ICT Leader, Scot-Cloud, Scot-Secure, IoT Scotland, Big Data Scotland, FinTech and, in 2018 the Digit Expo, all serving as community platforms for business user collaboration and networking.


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22nd October 2019

Scientists Create Prototype Phone Case Out of Artificial Skin