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24-Hour Gaming Marathon to Fundraise for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital

Dominique Adams


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Save Point is set to host the UK’s biggest 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise funds for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital.

Save Point, organised by Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity (ECHC), is the UK’s biggest 24-hour gaming marathon. Now in its ninth year, the 24-hour gaming marathon has raised a total of £110,000.

Established by Tom Freeman in 2009, after his newborn daughter was born, the event has attracted a high volume of gamers. The marathon can be completed either by tag teams consisting of family and friends, or as a solo run, as long as the total time adds up to 24 hours. All games are allowed, whether it be on console, computer, mobile phone, Facebook or even old-fashioned board games.

The funds raised from this year’s event will be used to ensure that when the new hospital opens in Autumn 2018 it will be an even more friendly and engaging environment for children and young people who find themselves in hospital. The money will be used to pay for equipment and activities that will improve the hospital experience for young people, allowing them to “be a child first and a patient second.”

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The event, which takes place between 12th and 14th of October, is seeking gamers who want to do good by putting in some serious gaming hours. Those who take part are asked to share their experiences on social media with the hashtag #savepoint18. Participants who raise more than £50 will receive a free ECHC t-shirt.

Freeman said of the event: “The community is a huge part of Save Point. We’ve had plenty of heroes – whole offices and families getting involved. It’s a great opportunity to bring people together because anyone can be a gamer. It just shows that ECHC’s work really touches people’s hearts.”

Mags Donaldson, who is a technical writer at video game company Rockstar, will this year enter her seventh annual 24-hour gaming marathon with the charity. Since her first marathon in 2012, Donaldson has raised £5,000 for the children’s charity. This year she has already raised more than £650 and encourages others to get involved.

Donaldson said: “The difference that ECHC makes to the children at the hospital as well as their parents and carers can’t be missed. They’re a very important local charity. Not only do they provide cutting edge, medical resources, but the way they treat and look after kids to make their stay at the hospital as pleasant as possible is really admirable.

“Seeing how much the marathon and all of its participants have raised over the years is really fulfilling. Little by little, we’re making things better for all these kids and their families.”

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