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‘Chuck Norris of Programming’ Announced as ScotSoft Keynote Speaker

Ross Kelly


2019 ScotSoft

The Young Software Engineer of the Year awards will follow the event, showcasing the brightest talent in Scotland’s technology sector.

ScotlandIS has confirmed a host of globally-renowned technology experts to speak at this year’s ScotSoft conference.

Hosted at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) on the 3rd October, the event will feature speakers including Jon Skeet, known as the ‘Chuck Norris of programming’, and Angus Foreman, Chief Architect at Microsoft.

Skeet is a programme expert and software engineer at Google and is widely celebrated for helping millions of programmers excel by providing detailed solutions to their software challenges via StackOverflow.

Commenting on the event announcement, Skeet said: “I’m thrilled to be giving the keynote at ScotSoft2019. It’s an opportunity to help set a tone of excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity for what looks to be a wonderful day. With such a breadth of topics being represented, I’m looking forward to the hallway conversations between people with very different experiences of the software industry.

“The more we can learn from our diverse perspectives, the stronger we will be as an industry.”

ScotSoft2019 will include a full-day developer conference, as well as a half-day Leadership Forum – with the latter exploring topics ranging from skills and building personal resilience to ‘selling the future’.

Speakers in this stream include Ross Tuffee, founder of Dogfish Mobile – which sold mobile apps before smartphones were commonplace.

Peter Proud, founder of Cortex Worldwide and former director at Microsoft will also feature in the Leadership Forum. Other speakers announced for ScotSoft2019 include:

  • Valerie McLean, Lean Agile Glasgow & Sopra Steria
  • Glenn Henrickson, CTO and Co-founder of Justify
  • Layla Porter, Developer Evangelist at Twilio
  • Yevgeniy Brikman, Co-founder of Gruntwork
  • Mark Fealey, ATOS
  • Jig Gosal, BBC
  • R. Michael Anderson, The Technology Leadership insider
  • Harry McLaren, Managing Consultant at ECS Security
  • Stu Hirst, Co-founder of Cyber Scotland Connect
  • Stephen McAinsh, Co-founder of Calba

ScotlandIS Chief Executive, Polly Purvis, commented: “We’re thrilled to continue to attract international experts to Scotland, building on ScotSoft’s strong track record. Jon Skeet reflects the high calibre of talent secured for this year’s event. Scotland has a thriving digital technology sector and the insights that speakers like Jon bring to tech businesses of all sizes are invaluable.

“Helping industry leaders across all sizes of business to strengthen their skills and learn from the experiences of their peers will enable them to deliver on their ambitions and drive the growth of their businesses in this creative and fascinating industry.”

In the evening, the Young Software Engineer of the Year awards will showcase the brightest talents in Scotland’s technology sector. The YSE Awards have championed Scotland’s top emerging talent for 30 years and recognise the country’s top undergraduates in computer science and software engineering.

The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts, including Sharon Lindsay, Tech Program Manager at AWS and Sean Gordon, Chief Software Engineer at Chevron.

Ross Kelly

Staff Writer

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